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This is a little guide for installing MyAES on an EasyMiNT system.
Prerequiste is that the system is started by 'init' without login!
Attention! Take care that you have the possibility to start the MiNT system with another boot configuration if something goes wrong, because you have to edit a file on the ext2 partition!
First get the MyAES archive and depack it in any place you want. After depacking you get a folder named myaes, there you will find a folder gemsys and two files, 'install.txt' and 'myaes2.tos'. Copy the content of the gemsys folder to C:\GEMSYS and copy the file 'myaes2.tos' to C:\GEMSYS\MYAES. After that you have to edit the C:\GEMSYS\MYAES\MYAES.CNF and change it to your needs.
For starting MyAES automatically after rebooting, edit the file /etc/ttytab and create a new line under the block with the 'console' lines, or copy one of the 'console' lines and put it to the end of the block. The line should look like this:
console	"/c/gemsys/myaes/myaes2.tos"	stv52	on secure
After commenting out the old active 'console' line, configuration is finished. After a reboot MyAES should start automagically.

Have fun!
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